Air Conditioning Service


Car manufacturers recommend that your Air Conditioning system is recharging with gas & lubricant every 2 years. This is because over 10% of air con gas permeates and leaks through physical joints between components every year.

We can service R134a and also R1234YF systems


This could result in...


Poorer fuel economy, as the compressor has to work harder to attain lower temperatures


Internal corrosion caused by air moisure reacting with refrigerant


Component or system failure





Full Air Conditioning Service


Recovers refrigerant


Evacuates air and moisure from the system


Leak Test


Recharge refrigerant to recommended levels and add fresh oil as necessary

Anti-bacterial system clean


Treats the problem of a stale smelling Air Conditioning system at source


Prevents the problem returning for up to 12 months

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Save Time & Money

An MOT test costs just £30 when you book it with a Full or Major Service £35 when booked with an Interim Service.

Engine Carbon Clean

The combustion process inside your engine, that is responsible for producing soot deposits in the cylinder, pistons, particule filters, EGR valves and turbos.

Clogged parts prevent the engine from functioning properly. If carbon deposits (soot) are not removed regulary, faults can occur and the costs can soon mount up. (Expect around £325 per EGR valve and up to £2000 for a turbo.



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