Car Servicing in Bexhill

Servicing options to suit all makes and models

Why Car Servicing is so important

Car services are a fundamental part of looking after your vehicle. A service will not only help your car run at its optimum, but it will also make your vehicle more efficient which could save you money and be safer to drive.
Regular servicing will ensure the most basic functions of your vehicle are maintained, and the general check over of all vehicle components will ensure that any visible issues will be reported before they cause you a problem. Missing the odd service in these cash strapped times could be a false economy.
Thanks to recent changes in European Union (Block Exemption) legislation, you can get maximum value-for-money car servicing from Scants Motor Services rather than your Dealership, without the fear of invalidating your vehicle warranty.
Car maintenance servicing mechanic pouring new oil lubricant into the car engine, A mechanic pours fresh oil into a car engine as part of its maintenance

What is included in your service

Any parts not held in stock or special order parts may incur a 15% handling charge to return, non-returnable parts will also incur the full cost of the parts.

Interim Service

6 months
From £134

Full Service

12 months
From £169

Major Service

24 months
From £224